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  • My "Magic Bullet" - The first technique that I discovered, which is both simple and inexpensive, that gave me complete and immediate relief from snoring and UARS...I describe it in the first chapter of my Ebook entitled "Ultimate Relief for UARS," which you'll get to read FREE!

  • How I later stumbled upon several additional effective remedies for UARS, which were completely natural, and what I've found was the REAL underlying factor that caused my snoring and UARS symptoms of daytime fatigue and difficulty arising in the mornings

  • Why all of the special pillows, sleeping techniques, oral appliances, head bands, nasal strips, throat sprays, and herbs I tried never gave me complete and lasting relief from my UARS....and how those all differ from my discoveries which DID!

  • About my well-meaning but frustrated ENT specialist who, despite trials of CPAP therapy and even palate surgery, couldn't relieve my UARS for long...and what I was able to go back and teach HIM could annihilate it!

  • Several other powerful ways I learned to dramatically increase my energy and vitality levels...and how what I learned can help YOU!

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You may also choose to skip this page and go directly to my UARS Relief website here.  For background information on Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome, which is one of the "Sleep-Breathing Disorders" that is related to snoring and sleep apnea, see my article: Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS) here.


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